About p2klabs

p2klabs is a marketing, design and development agency that originated in Las Vegas when the founder saw the need for a technology-driven marketing company.

Services include innovative design, marketing, engineering, strategy and Salesforce management. Our orchestration of digital marketing and demand generation campaigns for national companies led to p2k’s acquisition by energy resource company CleanSpark. We continue to deliver excellent, results-driven work to clients in multiple sectors.

Our Clients

We are a digital agency that strives to be a true strategic partner with our clients, helping them all the way from idea to market.

p2k is an abbreviation for the term “potential to kinetic.” It’s associated with the movement of energy and reflects how we put concepts into motion by helping clients turn ideas into reality. We have visionaries specializing in “labs” or departments who provide guidance.

Based on the idea of Newton’s Cradle, the transfer of energy involves balls working together to maintain continuous motion. This embodies systematic process, developement and teamwork – all vital characteristics in the digital agency world. As Newton’s Cradle cannot function without momentum, p2klabs values clients and ensures their participation in our projects.